Managing a business can be a challenge. In today’s fast-paced business environment, we understand that so-called Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) need solid financial support to seize any opportunity that comes their way. That’s why OLAX Finance Ltd. (OFL) offers a broad range of lending solutions for our business partners.

Currently OFL (together with our partner companies - see below) offers to SMEs Property and Equipment Financing as well as Working Capital Financing.


1. Property and Equipment Financing.

1.1. Business Property Financing


Purchase your business premises with flexible financing.

Buying a property or expanding your premises is an important decision for any business OFL's Business Property Financing allows you to finance the purchase of commercial, residential or industrial property.

Advantages of Business Property Financing:

- Prompt notification of application results on the next working day*

- Financing your acquisition of commercial, industrial or even residential property

- Loan tenure of up to 10 years

- Choice of reducing balance or straight-line repayments

- Choice of monthly or fortnightly installments

* - Upon receipt of complete documentation


2. Working Capital Financing.

2.1. Receivables Finance


Turn your invoices into cash and enhance business productivity.

Proper management of account receivables can improve the cash flow and operating efficiency of your company. OFL's Receivables Finance enhances your cash flow through the financing of unpaid invoices.

Advantages of Receivables Finance:

- Advances up to 85% of invoice value

- Credit protection of up to 90% - 100% of sales

- Preliminary assessment results within 2 working days*

- No tangible security required

* Upon receipt of complete documentation



1.2. Equipment Financing


Flexible leasing and hire purchase solutions for your equipment.

When you need to purchase new machinery or equipment, OFL's Equipment Financing can help. Our team of experts can provide a tailored solution to finance the purchase of a wide range of new or used machinery and equipment, from looms and other textile machines to construction equipment and metering laboratory instruments. 

Advantages of Equipment Financing

- Financing of up to 100% of the cost or market value of the equipment;

- Flexible repayment period of up to 5 years

- Choice of flat or floating interest rates

- Financing applies to new and used equipment and machinery imported from Turkey and Mainland China


2.2. Asset-linked Financing


Realize your business plans with extra working capital.

As your company grows bigger, you may need extra working capital to realize your business plans OFL's Asset-linked Financing provides you with an easy financing solution by pledging your property, shares, unit trusts, bonds, certificates of deposit, insurance policies and various other assets as collateral.

Advantages of Asset-linked Financing:

- Financing of up to 100% of the market value of pledged assets

- Loan amount of up to HK$10 million

- Prompt notification results on the next working day*

- A complete suite of credit facilities with choice of trade finance, term loan, foreign exchange facilities,

* Upon receipt of complete documentation




OLAX Finance Limited (OFL) is a Non-banking financial company based in Hong Kong.

OFL specializes in banking and financial sector projects in developing and transition countries, with a particular focus on SME and micro finance. We are providing services similar to banking ones, but we do not hold a banking license.
In accordance with laws of Hong Kong SAR we are not allowed to take deposits from the members of the public. Nonetheless, all operations of OFL are strictly controlled and monitored by the Inland Revenue (Hong Kong’s tax authority).


OFL from it’s incorporation in 2005 is owned by its sole beneficial owner:

Dr. Alex Chicheneuve
Director of the company

In many aspects, the business model of OFL is fundamentally different from other financial firms in our market segment because all our projects are based on the long-time personal contacts in the country where the new development project is planed.

Our long-standing specialization in small business finance has enabled us to accumulate substantial in-house expertise in SME finance. Continual market research and cross-project experience exchange ensure that our competences are always up to date in terms of product and process innovations.

OFL does not provide isolated experts or financial solutions, but designs project and program concepts in accordance to the our partners and client’s needs. Within our area of specialization, we are able to provide integrated packages. These full-service packages combine a range of inputs including investigation, financing, management and advisory services.

In contrast to other firms in this field, OFL works primarily with permanent staff rather than assembling freelancer teams on a project-by-project basis. New staff undergoes introductory traineeships in one or more of our long-term projects to familiarize themselves with our working methodology, policy and systems. This enables us to maintain projects of a consistently high quality and to develop a strong organizational memory.





OLAX Finance Ltd. (OLAX Company at the time of incorporation) was formed in 2005 by Alexey Chicheneuve and started business with a purchase of several apartments in Mid-levels district, an area of good address on Hong Kong Island. Since its inception, the company has steadily grown its portfolio – consistently delivering exceptional experiences to its partners and clients.

Investment projects.
The next big step for our young company was in the year 2007 then OLAX Finance Ltd., together with our partners from Petromenera Servicios, invested a part of the funds raised in Hong Kong after a sell of renovated apartments, into a new Water Purification Facility constructed by Costner Industries Venezuela (a company owned by famous American actor and producer Kevin M. Costner) in a town of Higuerote. This project was very successful for our company and net profit margin was 29.5% (before tax).

Financing projects.
Another opportunity for OFL to expand the business turned up in 2008 when we have signed a new long-term investments contract for the delivery of new and used looms and other related weaving and dyeing equipment to a big textile weaving factory located in a town of Kostroma, Russia.

OFL was involved in these purchases financing 100% of the machinery purchased in Europe and Turkey, and then monitored all import to Russia. All equipment that was pledged in favour of OFL till the factory paid off for all imported machinery.

Development projects.
Close relations with our partners in Turkey enabled us to launch one new real-estate project from a ground level i.e. from acquisition of the rights on the land from the Government and then obtaining rights and permits for reconstruction of the historical building and till the final stage - sell (or lease) of the completed building to the clients. OFL was financing 100% of this development project in Turkey from 2008.

Since then OLAX Finance Ltd.  together with our overseas partners  have achieved continued success. Today, our portfolio of fine projects includes premier location in Hong Kong, Macau, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Our success can be attributed to its dedicated, hands-on management team comprised of both key construction and property management personnel. The management team's blueprint for sustained growth and top quality property development is achieved through a commitment to superior architecture, advanced construction techniques, centralized management and most importantly finance management.






OLAX Finance Ltd. offers tailor-made solutions to exporters and importerers that want to expand their businesses into the Chinese market. We go beyond a foreign trade consultancy, as we as your professional trading agent can represent you and help you sell or buy your products in China.

We use our profound market knowledge to have a better access to business opportunities with selected suppliers and buyers in Mainland China and South-East Asia. OLAX Finance Ltd. has stable partnership relations with 10 out of 20 Asia’s top industrial companies. Our success is based on our flexible, reliable and experiensed team of experts in South-East Asia, especially in China and Hong Kong.

Now OLAX Finance Ltd. goes global and links major producers and buyers in Asia with buyers and producers worldwide:


OLAX Finance Ltd. monitors transport and storage of goods from the factory where goods are produced and up to the final destination. We contact best logistics specialists and we prepare - also considering individual customer requirements - all necessary accompanying documents. In doing so, OLAX Finance Ltd. of course complies with country-specific rules, and pays attention to the different customer needs.


We are ready to answer all your questions about China/Hong Kong and our professional tailor-made services!

List of our latest information leaflet can be downloaded here:








Thermal SPA in Crans-Montana

In cooperation with our partners from Thermal Springs Company Crans-Montana Aquamust SA and under their supervision, this Thermal SPA soon will be completed in the town of Crans Montana in heart of Alps. The cornerstone of the thermal SPA is the thermal Bath Complex that will be able to receive 300,000 visitors per year, with facilities for 700 people.

Historical mansion in Bebek (Istanbul historic site)

This project is operated by HAYAKA San ve Tic. AS., our subsidiary company in Turkey. The subject property is a land with 694 sq.m area and a historical house which will be rebuilt on a ancient cistern existing on the site located in Bebek District of Istanbul on the bank of the Bosphorus. 

Luxury townhouses in Neusiedl am See (Austria)

The WAVE residencies was build by OLAX Immobilien GmbH, with the financial support of OLAX Group, on a banks of Lake Neusiedl, Austria. This luxury townhouses are featuring a stunning architectural concept. Several townhouses with roof terraces are arranged around a common swimming pool, creating a unique architectural experience.

The WAVE Residences are planned according to the latest ecological sustainability standards, offering solar electricity gain via photovoltaic modules and a highly efficient geothermal brine- to-water heat pumps in each unit.






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